The World Federation One Stop Fiqh

Ruling 480

A woman with a habit of time cannot consider her bleeding to be ḥayḍ at times other than the time of her habit. Therefore, if the start of her habit is known – for example, she used to experience bleeding every month from the first of the month, and sometimes her bleeding would stop on the fifth day and at other times on the sixth – then, in the event that in one month she experiences bleeding for twelve days and she cannot determine her duration by means of the attributes of ḥayḍ, she must consider the first of the month to be the beginning of ḥayḍ. For the duration, she must refer to what was said in the previous ruling; and if the middle or end of her habit is known, then in the event that her bleeding exceeds ten days she must consider the duration to be such that the end or middle of it is in accordance with the time of her habit.