The World Federation Islamic Laws

13- Prohibitions during Ihram

As has already been discussed, ihram is established by talbiyah or what is considered of its kind, [see Rule 182] despite the niyyah to wear ihram. Once ihram is worn twenty five things become forbidden:
2. Sexual union.
3. Kissing a woman.
4. Touching a woman.
5. Looking at a woman and flirting with her.
7. Reciting nikah.
8. Wearing perfume.
9. Wearing sewn clothes by men.
10. Wearing antimony (surma).
11. Looking in the mirror.
12. Wearing shoes, slippers or socks.
13. Outrage (Fusouq).
14. Quarrelling.
15. Killing insects found on humans, [such as lice].
16. Beautifying oneself.
17. Applying oil.
18. Removing hair from the body.
19. Covering the head, for males, or dipping one’s body in water, even for females.
20. Covering of the face by females.
21. Sheltering in the shaded place for males.
22. Bleeding one’s body.
23. Cutting nails.
24. Extracting tooth, according to some scholars.
25. Carrying arms.

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  • 257

    It is not permissible for the pilgrim, in a state of ihram, to apply oil to the body, even if there is no perfume or scent in it, unless it is applied for necessity or treatment.

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  • 273

    The kaffarah for being under shade is a sheep, whether the breach was deliberate or out of necessity. If it is repeated, a sheep should, as a matter of precaution, be given for each day of the breach, …

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  • 242

    It is forbidden for a male pilgrim, in ihram, to wear any garment with buttons, or that used as pullover, such as cloak. It is also forbidden to wear trousers, and the like to cover one’s private parts, …

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  • 258

    If the oil, which contains perfume, is applied deliberately, the kaffarah is a sheep; if it is applied out of ignorance, as a matter of precaution, a poor person should be fed as the penalty.

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  • 274

    The kaffarah for cutting one nail is mudd (750 gms) of food; for cutting all hand nails in one session, it is a sheep. The same rule applies to cutting feet nails. If hand and feet nails are …

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  • 243

    As a matter of precaution (al ahwat), one must not tie the lose ends of the loin cloth round one’s neck ; indeed one must not tie a knot in the loin cloth at all, i.e. one must …

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  • 259

    It is forbidden for a pilgrim, in a state of ihram, to shave or pluck, even a single hair of his, or another one’s, hair, whether in ihram or not. There are three exceptions to this rule:1.if there …

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  • 275

    If a person, in a state of ihram, cuts his nails by following a ruling (fatwa), spelling it out to be permissible and, in the process, blood oozes out, the kaffarah must, as a matter of precaution, be …

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  • 244

    Ladies can wear sewn dresses, but not gloves.

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  • 260

    If a pilgrim, in a state of ihram, shaves his head without any valid reason, the kaffarah is a sheep. If, however, he does so out of necessity, the penalty is either a sheep, fasting for three days, …

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