The World Federation Islamic Laws

13- Prohibitions during Ihram

As has already been discussed, ihram is established by talbiyah or what is considered of its kind, [see Rule 182] despite the niyyah to wear ihram. Once ihram is worn twenty five things become forbidden:
2. Sexual union.
3. Kissing a woman.
4. Touching a woman.
5. Looking at a woman and flirting with her.
7. Reciting nikah.
8. Wearing perfume.
9. Wearing sewn clothes by men.
10. Wearing antimony (surma).
11. Looking in the mirror.
12. Wearing shoes, slippers or socks.
13. Outrage (Fusouq).
14. Quarrelling.
15. Killing insects found on humans, [such as lice].
16. Beautifying oneself.
17. Applying oil.
18. Removing hair from the body.
19. Covering the head, for males, or dipping one’s body in water, even for females.
20. Covering of the face by females.
21. Sheltering in the shaded place for males.
22. Bleeding one’s body.
23. Cutting nails.
24. Extracting tooth, according to some scholars.
25. Carrying arms.

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    The rules regarding free animals apply also to their young ones. As a matter of precaution, it is forbidden for pilgrims, in a state of ihram, to take, break or eat their eggs. And as a matter of …

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    Sexual union is forbidden for a pilgrim, in ihram for an Umrat-ut-Tamatu’ or Umrat-ul- Mufradah or during Hajj; this is the case even after performing them, but before saying the prayers for Tawaf-un-Nisa.

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