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13- Prohibitions during Ihram

As has already been discussed, ihram is established by talbiyah or what is considered of its kind, [see Rule 182] despite the niyyah to wear ihram. Once ihram is worn twenty five things become forbidden:
2. Sexual union.
3. Kissing a woman.
4. Touching a woman.
5. Looking at a woman and flirting with her.
7. Reciting nikah.
8. Wearing perfume.
9. Wearing sewn clothes by men.
10. Wearing antimony (surma).
11. Looking in the mirror.
12. Wearing shoes, slippers or socks.
13. Outrage (Fusouq).
14. Quarrelling.
15. Killing insects found on humans, [such as lice].
16. Beautifying oneself.
17. Applying oil.
18. Removing hair from the body.
19. Covering the head, for males, or dipping one’s body in water, even for females.
20. Covering of the face by females.
21. Sheltering in the shaded place for males.
22. Bleeding one’s body.
23. Cutting nails.
24. Extracting tooth, according to some scholars.
25. Carrying arms.

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    It is not permissible for a pilgrim, in a state of ihrahm, to witness a marriage ceremony, or be present there, as is widely believed (ala mashhoor). However, as a matter of optional precaution (al ahwatil awla), he …

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    There are two exceptions to the is permissible to swear, if it is necessary to do so to establish a right or disprove a false claim;2. if it is not intended to take an oath or swear …

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    In a state of ihram, ladies can cover their faces by pulling the end of their head cover (hijab) from the head onto the nose and it is apparent that there is no need to hold the end …

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    As a matter of optional precaution, a person in a state of ihram should not propose to a lady. However, there is no objection to reverting to a lady who had been divorced by way of a revocable …

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    There is no penalty for taking an oath, if it is true. However, the pilgrim should seek Allah’s forgiveness, if he has done so only twice; otherwise there is a penalty of a sheep. If the oath is …

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  • 268

    As a matter of optional precaution (al ahwatil awla), the kaffarah for covering the face is a sheep.

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  • 237

    It is forbidden for a person, in ihram, to use perfume, be it by way of wearing, smelling, applying, or eating it. Not permissible, too, is wearing any garment that had come into contact with it. By perfume …

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  • 253

    It is forbidden for a pilgrim, in a state of ihram, to kill lice on one’s body or throw them from one’s body or clothes, as a matter of precaution. Yet, there is no objection to moving them …

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    Sheltering is of two kinds:1.By using an umbrella, the roof of a vehicle, an aeroplane, and the like. This is forbidden for men, in a state of ihram, if the shade is above the head. However, it is …

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    It is not forbidden for a pilgrim in a state of ihram to smell sweet plants, be they used for perfumes, such as jasmine, or others. fragrant wild flowers, such as wormwood, are apparently exempt.Fruits which have a …

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