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13- Prohibitions during Ihram

As has already been discussed, ihram is established by talbiyah or what is considered of its kind, [see Rule 182] despite the niyyah to wear ihram. Once ihram is worn twenty five things become forbidden:
2. Sexual union.
3. Kissing a woman.
4. Touching a woman.
5. Looking at a woman and flirting with her.
7. Reciting nikah.
8. Wearing perfume.
9. Wearing sewn clothes by men.
10. Wearing antimony (surma).
11. Looking in the mirror.
12. Wearing shoes, slippers or socks.
13. Outrage (Fusouq).
14. Quarrelling.
15. Killing insects found on humans, [such as lice].
16. Beautifying oneself.
17. Applying oil.
18. Removing hair from the body.
19. Covering the head, for males, or dipping one’s body in water, even for females.
20. Covering of the face by females.
21. Sheltering in the shaded place for males.
22. Bleeding one’s body.
23. Cutting nails.
24. Extracting tooth, according to some scholars.
25. Carrying arms.

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  • 245

    If a pilgrim, in ihram, deliberately wears anything forbidden, the penalty is a sheep. As a matter of precaution, the penalty must be paid even if the infringement was involuntary.If it is repeated, there is a penalty incurred …

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  • 261

    There is no objection to a pilgrim, in a state of ihram, scratching his head or body, if no hair falls off or blood oozes. If the pilgrim strokes, without any reason, his head or beard, causing one …

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  • 277

    It is forbidden for a person, in a state of ihram, to wear arms, or carry them in a way that suggests that he is armed, as a matter of precaution. By weapons, we mean that which would …

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  • 230

    If a pilgrim, in ihram, unlawfully looks at a lady who is a stranger to him and ejaculates, he is liable to a penalty of a camel, if he is well off. If he is of an average …

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  • 246

    Applying antimony in two situations need consideration:1.Application of black collyrium for beautification is totally forbidden, except if used for treatment.2. Application for beautification of collyrium which is not black, and its equivalent, without intention of beautification is not …

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  • 262

    It is not permissible for a male pilgrim, in a state of ihram, to cover his head, or part of it, by way of shawl, masque, shirt, and the like. However he must, as a matter of precaution, …

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  • 278

    There is no objection to the arms being in the possession of a pilgrim, in a state of ihram, in such a manner that it would not be generally construed that he is armed. However, it is advisable …

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  • 231

    It is permissible for a pilgrim, in ihram, to enjoy the company of his wife, such as talking to her. However, categorically abandoning such a thing is recommended, as a matter of precaution.

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  • 247

    It is forbidden for a pilgrim, in a state of ihram, to look in a mirror for the purpose of beautification. However, there is no objection to looking in a mirror for any other reason. For example, a …

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  • 263

    It is permissible to cover the head with a part of the body, like hands but it is advisable to avoid doing so.

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