The World Federation Islamic Laws

11- Meqats for wearing ihram

Introduction: There are special places designated by the sacred rules of Islam for wearing ihram. It is incumbent on the pilgrim to wear ihram there. There are nine such places, each of which is called Meqat:
1. Thul Hulaifah which is situated near Madinah. It is the Meqat for the people of Madinah and all those who wish to perform the pilgrimage travelling from Madinah. As a matter of caution, it is preferred that ihram be worn, if possible, in the local mosque known as Masjid-ush-Shajarah. It is insufficient, though, to wear it outside, except for ladies in menstruation or the like.

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  • 163

    It has been said that in dissimulation, it is permitted to wear ihram secretly before Thati Irq without removing all clothes. On getting there, the clothes may be removed and ihram worn without incurring any kaffarah (penalty). However, …

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  • 164

    It is not permissible to wear ihram before reaching Meqat nor is it enough just to pass from there in ihram. There is no alternative to wearing the ihram at the Meqat itself. However, there are two exceptions:1. …

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  • 165

    It is obligatory on the pilgrim to be certain that he reaches the Meqat and wears ihram there. He must be satisfied or have shari’i proof that the place is the Meqat. It is not permissible to wear …

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  • 166

    If a pilgrim had made a vow to wear ihram before Meqat and contrary to it wears ihram at the Meqat, his ihram is not invalidated. However, he must pay kaffarah for infringing the vow, if he did …

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  • 167

    Just as it is not permissible to wear ihram before reaching Meqat, so is it not permissible to delay wearing it. It is not permissible for a person who intends to perform a pilgrimage or Umrah or to …

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