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11- Meqats for wearing ihram

Introduction: There are special places designated by the sacred rules of Islam for wearing ihram. It is incumbent on the pilgrim to wear ihram there. There are nine such places, each of which is called Meqat:
1. Thul Hulaifah which is situated near Madinah. It is the Meqat for the people of Madinah and all those who wish to perform the pilgrimage travelling from Madinah. As a matter of caution, it is preferred that ihram be worn, if possible, in the local mosque known as Masjid-ush-Shajarah. It is insufficient, though, to wear it outside, except for ladies in menstruation or the like.

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  • 167

    Just as it is not permissible to wear ihram before reaching Meqat, so is it not permissible to delay wearing it. It is not permissible for a person who intends to perform a pilgrimage or Umrah or to …

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  • 168

    If a pilgrim passes by a Meqat deliberately without wearing ihram , without prejudice to the previous rule, there are two possible avenues:• if it is possible to return to the Meqat, it is obligatory to do so …

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  • 169

    If a pilgrim abandons wearing ihram due to oversight, unconsciousness, and the like, or ignorance of the rule or Meqat, four situations would arise:• if it is possible to return to the Meqat, it is obligatory to do …

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  • 170

    If a woman pilgrim, who is in haydh, does not wear ihram at Meqat out of ignorance of the rule and enters the Haram, as a matter of precaution, she must go out and wear ihram, if it …

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  • 171

    If the umrah becomes void, including by reason of the invalidity of the ihram, it is obligatory to repeat it, if possible and if, for lack of time, it is not possible to repeat it, obligatory pilgrimage becomes …

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  • 172

    A group of scholars have stated that if a pilgrim performs an Umrah without ihram, it is valid if he did so out of ignorance or due to an oversight. However, this is debatable (ishkal). In this situation, …

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  • 173

    If a person travels from far for a pilgrimage, it is obligatory on him to wear ihram for Umrah at one of the first five Meqats. If his route passes through one of them, no problem arises. If …

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  • 174

    It has already been stated that, for Hajj-ut-Tamatu’, it is obligatory to wear ihram in Makkah. If a pilgrim deliberately wears it elsewhere, his ihram is invalid, if he enters Makkah having worn it. Indeed, it is obligatory …

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  • 175

    If during Hajj-ut-Tamatu’ a pilgrim forgets to wear ihram for Hajj in Makkah, it is obligatory for him, if possible, to return to Makkah. Otherwise, he must wear the ihram wherever he remembers to do so, even if …

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  • 176

    If a pilgrim forgets to wear the ihram for Hajj and does not remember to do so until the completion of all the rituals, his Hajj is valid. The same rule applies to one who is ignorant of …

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