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37. Will (Waṣiyyah)

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  • Ruling 2741

    If a person makes a will that his debts are to be paid off, that someone is to be hired to perform his lapsed prayers and fasts, and that recommended acts are to be performed on his behalf, …

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  • Ruling 2742

    If a person says, ‘The deceased had willed for such and such amount to be given to me’, then what is claimed by him must be given to him in the following cases: two dutiful (ʿādil) men verify …

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  • Ruling 2743

    If a person says, ‘I am the executor of the deceased in disposing of his estate’, his claim will be established if two dutiful men verify it, or if there is no Muslim to testify, two dhimmī men who …

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  • Ruling 2744

    If a person makes a will that something from his estate is to be given to an individual and the latter dies before he can accept or reject it, his heirs can accept the property as long as …

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