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18. Those who are Prohibited from having Disposal over their Property

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  • Ruling 2270

    A child who is not of the age of legal responsibility (bāligh) cannot legally (sharʿan) exercise discretion over his liabilities,1 nor can he have disposal over his property. This is the case even though the child may be …

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  • Ruling 2271

    It is not farfetched (baʿīd)3 that the growth of thick hair on the face and above the lips are signs of bulūgh. However, the growth of hair on the chest and under the armpits and the deepening of …

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  • Ruling 2272

    An insane person cannot have disposal over his property. Similarly, a person who has been proclaimed bankrupt (mufallas) – i.e. someone who is prohibited by a fully qualified jurist (al‑ḥākim al‑sharʿī) from having disposal over his wealth due …

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  • Ruling 2273

    If a person is sometimes sane (ʿāqil) and sometimes insane, any disposal he exercises over his property during his moments of insanity is not valid.

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  • Ruling 2274

    A person can use any amount of his wealth during a terminal illness for himself, his family, guests, and anything that is not considered wasteful. There is no problem if he sells his property at the normal price …

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