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Ruling 400

A woman who has slight or medium istiḥāḍah must perform wuḍūʾ for every prayer – including the daily prayers, for which the ruling has already been mentioned – be it an obligatory prayer or a recommended one. However, if she wants to perform again one of the daily prayers that she has already performed as a precautionary measure, or, if she wants to repeat in congregation (jamāʿah) the prayer she previously performed alone, she must do all the things that were mentioned with regard to istiḥāḍah. However, for performing ṣalāt al‐āyāt or for a sajdah or tashahhud that has been forgotten, if she performs these immediately after prayers – and for sajdatā al‐sahw in any condition [i.e. whether she performs them immediately after prayers or not] – it is not necessary for her to do those things that were mentioned with regard to istiḥāḍah.