The World Federation One Stop Fiqh

Ruling 2774

If the only heir of the deceased is one paternal uncle or one paternal aunt, irrespective of whether he or she is the full paternal uncle/aunt – i.e. he or she is from the same father and mother as the deceased’s father – or he or she is the paternal half-uncle or paternal half-aunt from the father’s side [i.e. a paternal half-brother/ sister of the deceased’s father] or the paternal half-uncle or paternal half-aunt from the mother’s side [i.e. a maternal half-brother/sister of the deceased’s father], he or she inherits the entire estate. If there is more than one paternal uncle, or more than one paternal aunt, and all of them are full paternal uncles/aunts, or all are paternal half-uncles/ aunts from the father’s side or all are paternal half-uncles/aunts from the mother’s side, the estate is divided equally among them. If there is both a paternal uncle and a paternal aunt, each paternal uncle receives twice the share of each paternal aunt.