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Ruling 2673

If a person vows to refrain from an act but does not specify a time period for it, then in the event that he does the act owing to forgetfulness, necessity, negligence, error, or because someone compelled him, or he was inculpably ignorant (al‐jāhil al‐qāṣir),5 in any of these cases, it is not obligatory on him to give kaffārah. However, the vow remains in place; therefore, if from then onwards he does the act volitionally, he must give kaffārah.

5 ‘Inculpably ignorant’ (al‐jāhil al‐qāṣir) is a term used to refer to someone who has a valid excuse for not knowing; for example, he relied upon something that he thought was authoritative but in fact was not.