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Ruling 2717

Whenever a person notices the signs of his approaching death, he must immediately return those things he was holding on trust (amānah) to their owners or inform them as per the details mentioned in Ruling 2361. If he is indebted to someone and the date for repaying the debt is not yet due, or it is due but the creditor does not ask for it, or the creditor asks for it but he is unable to pay him, then in such cases, he must make arrangements such that he is confident (i.e. he has iṭmiʾnān) that his debt will be paid to the creditor after his death. For example, if his debt is unknown to others, he must make a will [regarding this debt] and get someone to witness it. However, if he is able to pay the debt and its date is due and the creditor asks for it, he must immediately pay it even if he does not notice the signs of his approaching death.