The World Federation One Stop Fiqh

Ruling 2654

The following things are discouraged when eating:

  1. to eat when one is full;
  2. to eat until one is full. It is reported that the Lord of the worlds detests a full stomach more than anything else;
  3. to look at the faces of other people while [they are] eating;
  4. to eat [very] hot food;
  5. to blow on something that one is eating or drinking;
  6. to wait for another dish after bread has been placed on the table;
  7. to cut bread with a knife;
  8. to place bread under a utensil for food;
  9. to clean the meat off a bone to the extent that nothing remains on it;
  10. to peel the skin of fruit that is eaten with its skin;
  11. to throw away fruit before it is completely eaten.