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Ruling 2529

If a husband divorces his wife with whom he has had sexual intercourse and has completed nine lunar years and is not postmenopausal, she must observe ʿiddah after the divorce. The ʿiddah of a woman for whom there is a gap of fewer than three months between two of her menstruation cycles is as follows: after her husband has divorced her during a time when she was clear of [of ḥayḍ and nifās], she must wait long enough to experience ḥayḍ once more and become clear of it, and when she experiences ḥayḍ for the third time, her ʿiddah comes to an end and she can marry again. However, if her husband divorces her before having sexual intercourse with her, there is no ʿiddah, meaning that she can marry immediately after her divorce unless the semen of her husband has entered her vagina, in which case she must observe ʿiddah.