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Ruling 2526

The divorce formula must be said in correct Arabic, and it must employ the word ‘ṭāliq’ (divorced). Furthermore, two dutiful (ʿādil) men must hear it. If the husband wishes to say the divorce formula himself and the name of his wife is Fāṭimah, for example, he must say:

زَوْجَتِيْ فَاطِمَةُ طَالِقٌ

zawjatī fāṭimah ṭāliq

My wife Fāṭimah is divorced.

If he appoints an agent (wakīl) [to say the divorce formula on his behalf], the agent must say:

زَوْجَةُ مُوَکِّلِيْ فَاطِمَةُ طَالِقٌ

zawjatu muwakkilī fāṭimah ṭāliq

Fāṭimah, the wife of my client, is divorced.

In the event that the wife is specified, it is not necessary to mention her name. If she is present, it is sufficient for him to say the following while indicating her:

هٰذِهِ طَالِقٌ

hādhihi ṭāliq

This woman is divorced.

Or, he must say the following while addressing her:

أَنْتِ طَالِقٌ

anti ṭāliq

You are divorced.

In the event that a man can neither say the divorce formula in Arabic nor appoint an agent, he can divorce his wife using any words that are synonymous with the Arabic formula in any language.