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Ruling 1470

Ṣalāt al‐āyāt, for which the method of performance will be explained later, becomes obligatory when the following three phenomena occur:

  1. Solar eclipse;
  2. Lunar eclipse;

and with the occurrence of these two phenomena, ṣalāt al‐āyāt becomes obligatory even if the eclipse is partial and one is not frightened by it;

3. Earthquake, based on obligatory precaution, even if one is not frightened by it.

Based on recommended precaution, ṣalāt al‐āyāt should be performed when thunder and lightning, gales that make the sky look black or red, and other similar natural celestial phenomena occur provided that most people are frightened by them. Similarly, [the prayer should be performed] when natural terrestrial phenomena occur that cause most people to fear, such as sinkholes and rock-slides.