The World Federation Islamic Laws

30- Sacrificing an animal at Mina

This is the fifth obligation in Hajj-ut-Tamatu’. It is necessary to set one’s mind on performing this act of worship in the hope of attaining closeness to Allah (Niyyah of alqurbah). The sacrifice must be offered during the day, unless one is afraid of doing so for a valid reason, in which case it may be made at night.

As a matter of precaution, it is obligatory that it be offered after rami; if, however, one does so before rami, because he forgot or did not know the rule, it is still valid and should not be repeated. It is obligatory that the offering be made at Mina. If it is not possible, because of the rush, and because Mina is not capable of accommodating the multitudes of pilgrims, it could be made at Wadi Muhassar. If, by delaying the sacrifice, it becomes possible for the pilgrim to offer the hady in Mina, he may delay it up to the 13th of Thil Hijjah, as a matter of precaution.

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    If, during the days of Eid and Tashreeq, the pilgrim does not find an animal fulfilling all the requirements we have already outlined, it is recommended that sacrificing the animal lacking the conditions and fasting instead of hady …

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