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20- Additions in tawaf

There are five kinds to be considered:
1. There could be no intention to make any additions as part of tawaf being performed, or another tawaf. If it was intended to make one more round, on the assumption that it was recommended to do so, any addition made should not invalidate the tawaf.
2. If, at the start, or in the course of, tawaf an intention is made to establish an addition as part of the tawaf being performed, it is undoubtedly invalid and has to be performed again.
3. If after completing tawaf, any addition made is considered part of the tawaf performed, it is clear that such tawaf becomes invalid.
4. If the addition is intended to be part of another tawaf, the latter will need to be completed. The addition here did not materialize, and thus no infringement has resulted.
It may well be invalid because of succession, i.e. two tawafs will have been joined without tawaf coming in between. The reason being that it is not permissible between to obligatory devotions. Indeed, not even between an obligation and a voluntary act of worship (nafilah). However, there is no objection to the linkage between two voluntary devotions, albeit makrouh.
5. If the addition was intended to be part of another tawaf which, per chance, was not completed, there is neither an addition nor a succession. Yet the tawaf is, nonetheless, invalid as it lacks the intention of attaining nearness to Allah.
Similar is the case of a pilgrim who intends from the outset, or in the course of, tawaf to make an addition, fully aware of the invalidity of the succession of the two tawafs. This being so that because there would be no certainty of the intention to obtain closeness to Allah, even if the succession does, by accident, not materialize.

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