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Ruling 928

Some of the obligatory components of the prayer are elemental (rukn), i.e. if one does not perform them – whether intentionally or mistakenly – the prayer is invalid. Some other obligatory components are not elemental, i.e. if they are omitted mistakenly, the prayer is not invalid. There are five rukns of the prayer:

  1. intention;
  2. takbīrat al‐iḥrām while standing;
  3. standing that is joined to rukūʿ, i.e. standing before rukūʿ;
  4. rukūʿ;
  5. two sajdahs in one rakʿah.

If a rukn is intentionally performed more than the prescribed number of times, the prayer is invalid. If it is done mistakenly, and if the additional act is a rukūʿ or two sajdahs in one rakʿah, then based on obligatory precaution the prayer is invalid; otherwise, i.e. if the additional act is not a rukūʿ or two sajdahs in one rakʿah it is not invalid.