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Ruling 884

Performing prayers is disapproved in a number of places, including:

  1. a public bath;
  2. on saliferous land;
  3. facing a person;
  4. facing an open door;
  5. on a street, road, and in an alley, in the event that it does not cause trouble for passers-by; if it does cause them trouble, it is unlawful;
  6. facing a fire or lamp;
  7. in a kitchen and in every place where there is a furnace;
  8. facing a pit or ditch where people urinate;
  9. facing a picture or statue of a living thing, unless it is covered;
  10. in a room where a junub29 is present;
  11. in a place where there is a picture [of a living thing], even if it is not facing the person performing prayers;
  12. facing a grave;
  13. on a grave;
  14. in between two graves;
  15. in a graveyard.

29 Junub is the term used to refer to a person who is in the state of ritual impurity (janābah). Janābah is explained in Ruling 344.