The World Federation One Stop Fiqh

Ruling 785

The clothing worn by someone performing prayers must meet six conditions:

  1. it must be pure (ṭāhir);
  2. it must be permissible (mubāḥ) [i.e. it must not be usurped], as an obligatory precaution;
  3. it must not be made from the parts of the carcass [of an animal that has not been slaughtered  according to Islamic law];
  4. it must not be from a predatory animal; and based on obligatory precaution, nor must it be from an animal whose meat is unlawful to eat;

  5.–6. if the person performing prayers is male, it must not be made from pure silk nor embroidered with gold.

The details of these conditions will be explained in the following rulings.