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Ruling 751

There are many recommended prayers; they are called ‘supererogatory’ (nāfilah) prayers. From among the recommended prayers, the daily nāfilah prayers have been recommended more. These number thirty-four rakʿahs (on days other than Friday): eight rakʿahs are the nāfilah of ẓuhr, eight of ʿaṣr, four of maghrib, two of ʿishāʾ, eleven of the night, and two of ṣubḥ. As the two rakʿahs of the nāfilah of ʿishāʾ must be performed in a sitting position, they are counted as one rakʿah, based on obligatory precaution. On Fridays, four rakʿahs are added to the sixteen rakʿahs of ẓuhr and ʿaṣr. It is better that all twenty rakʿahs be performed before zawāl, except for two rakʿahs – it is better to perform these at the time of zawāl.