The World Federation One Stop Fiqh

Ruling 60

It is unlawful (ḥarām) for one to empty his bowels and/or bladder in four places:

  1. In dead-end alleys without the owner’s consent. The same applies to public alleys and roads in the event that it causes harm to pedestrians;
  2. On the property of someone who has not given his consent for one to empty his bowels and/or bladder on it;
  3. In a place that is a charitable endowment (waqf) for use by particular groups, such as some schools;
  4. On the graves of believers, whether it is disrespectful to them or not, except if the land is al‐mubāḥāt al‐aṣliyyah.8 The same applies to any place where emptying one’s bowels and/or bladder causes dishonour to one of the sacred things of the religion or faith.

8 This is property that does not belong to anyone in particular and can be used by people in general.