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Ruling 504

If the bleeding of a woman who does not have a habit of duration of ḥayḍ does not exceed ten days after giving birth, then all of it is considered to be nifās. Therefore, if her bleeding stops before ten days, she must perform ghusl and ritual acts of worship. If after that she experiences bleeding on one or more occasions, then in the event that the total number of days on which she experiences bleeding plus the days on which her bleeding stops in between is ten or less, all the blood is considered to be nifās; and on the days that her bleeding stops, she must, as an [obligatory] precaution, perform ritual acts of worship and refrain from doing the things that are unlawful for a nufasāʾ. Therefore, in the event that she had kept any obligatory fasts, she must make them up. Furthermore, if the last bleeding continues for more than ten days, she must consider the first ten days to be nifās and the bleeding after ten days to be istiḥāḍah.