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Ruling 493

With regard to a woman who must distinguish ḥayḍ by means of differences observed in the attributes of her bleeding, if she experiences bleeding for three or more days and it has the attributes of ḥayḍ, and if afterwards she experiences bleeding for ten days or more and it has the attributes of istiḥāḍah, and if she then experiences bleeding again for three days and this has the attributes of ḥayḍ, then she must consider the first and last bleeding – which had the attributes of ḥayḍ – to be ḥayḍ. However, if she experiences one of the two bleedings during her habit and it is not known whether the ten days in between all are istiḥāḍah or partly ḥayḍ, then the bleeding that she experiences during her habit is ḥayḍ and the rest is istiḥāḍah.