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Ruling 448

Certain things are unlawful for a ḥāʾiḍ:

  1. To perform those ritual acts of worship that must be performed with wuḍūʾ, ghusl, or tayammum – such as prayers – if she does so with the intention of performing a valid act. However, there is no problem if she performs ritual acts of worship for which wuḍūʾ, ghusl, or tayammum is not necessary, such as ṣalāt al‐mayyit;
  2. All the things that are unlawful for a junub, as mentioned in the rules of janābah;
  3. Vaginal intercourse, which is unlawful for both the man and the woman even if the penis penetrates only to the point of circumcision and the man does not ejaculate. In fact, the obligatory precaution is that the penis must not penetrate even less than the point of circumcision. This law does not apply to anal intercourse; however, based on obligatory precaution, anal intercourse with a woman without her consent – whether she is ḥāʾiḍ or not – is not permitted. ​