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Ruling 393

For medium istiḥāḍah, a woman must, based on obligatory precaution, perform one ghusl daily for her prayers, and she must do the things that were mentioned in the previous ruling with regard to slight istiḥāḍah. Therefore, if she experiences istiḥāḍah before or at the time of morning (ṣubḥ) prayers, she must perform ghusl for ṣubḥ prayers. If she intentionally or forgetfully does not perform ghusl for ṣubḥ prayers, she must perform ghusl for midday (ẓuhr) and afternoon (ʿaṣr) prayers. And if she does not perform ghusl for ẓuhr and ʿaṣr prayers, she must perform ghusl before prayers after sunset (maghrib) and evening (ʿishāʾ) prayers, whether the bleeding has stopped or not.