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Ruling 355

Nine things are disapproved for a junub:

1.–2. Eating and drinking; however, if one washes his face and hands and rinses his mouth, then eating and drinking are not disapproved; and if one only washes his hands, then the disapproval is lessened;

  1. Reciting more than seven verses of the Qur’an that do not contain an obligatory sajdah;
  2. Touching the cover, margins, or spaces between the writing of the Qur’an with any part of the body;
  3. Keeping the Qur’an with oneself;
  4. Sleeping; however, if one performs wuḍūʾ, or on account of not having water one performs tayammum in place of ghusl, it is not disapproved;
  5. Dyeing hair with henna or something similar;
  6. Rubbing oil on the body;
  7. Having sexual intercourse after having a wet dream, i.e. after semen has been ejaculated in one’s sleep.