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Ruling 338

For all ghusls – apart from the ghusl given to a corpse – jabīrah ghusl is performed like jabīrah wuḍūʾ; however, based on obligatory precaution, one must perform it in sequence. If there is a wound or a boil on the body, one has the choice of performing ghusl or tayammum; and in the event that one chooses to perform ghusl and the wound is not covered, the recommended precaution is that he should place a pure cloth over the wound or the uncovered boil and wipe over the cloth. However, if there is a broken bone in the body, one must perform ghusl, and as a precautionary measure, he must also wipe over the jabīrah; and in the event that it is not possible to wipe over the jabīrah or the place of the broken bone is uncovered, it is necessary to perform tayammum.