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Ruling 322

Seven things invalidate wuḍūʾ:

  1. Urinating; and apparently included in the ruling of urinating is the similar moisture that comes out after urinating and before performing istibrāʾ;
  2. Defecating;
  3. Passing wind of the stomach and the intestine from the anus;
  4. Sleeping, which means that simultaneously one’s eyes do not  see and one’s ears do not hear; however, if one’s eyes do not see but his ears hear, his wuḍūʾ does not become invalid;
  5. Things that cause one to lose his mind, such as insanity, intoxication, and unconsciousness;
  6. istiḥāḍah of a woman, which will be discussed later;
  7. janābah; and based on recommended precaution, all things for which one must perform ghusl.