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Ruling 285

If a person cannot perform wuḍūʾ by himself, he must get assistance from someone else even if this results in the two of them washing and wiping jointly. In the event that the helper wants payment, the mukallaf must pay him, provided that he is able to do so and it does not harm him financially. However, in such a case, the mukallaf must himself make the intention of performing wuḍūʾ and wipe with his own hands. If the mukallaf cannot perform wuḍūʾ jointly with the helper, he must ask the helper to perform wuḍūʾ on him, in which case the obligatory precaution is that both of them must make the intention of performing wuḍūʾ. If it is possible, the helper must take the hand of the mukallaf and draw it over the place of wiping; but if that is not possible, the helper must take some moisture from the mukallaf hands and with that moisture wipe the mukallaf head and feet.