The World Federation One Stop Fiqh

Ruling 2643

Even from those animals that are lawful to eat, some parts must not be eaten. These things are fourteen in number:

  1. blood;
  2. droppings;
  3. penis;
  4. vagina;
  5. uterus;
  6. glands;
  7. testicles;
  8. pituitary gland;
  9. spinal cord;
  10. the two nerves that are on either side of the vertebral column, based on obligatory precaution;
  11. gallbladder
  12. spleen
  13. urinary bladder 
  14. iris of the eye.

All these things are from animals whose meat is lawful to eat, excluding birds, fish, and locusts. With regard to birds, their blood and droppings are definitely unlawful; apart from these two things, in the case of birds, all the other things mentioned in the list above are unlawful based on obligatory precaution. Similarly, based on obligatory precaution, the blood and droppings of fish and the droppings of locusts are unlawful; apart from these, nothing else of them is unlawful.