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Ruling 2622

If a person uses a sword or some other hunting weapon to cut off some parts of an animal’s body, such as its front and back legs, those parts are unlawful to eat. However, if the animal is slaughtered having fulfilled the conditions mentioned in Ruling 2618, then the rest of its body is lawful to eat. If the hunting weapon cuts the animal’s body in two and the conditions mentioned above are fulfilled and its head and neck remain on one part and the hunter reaches the animal after it has died, then both parts of the body are lawful to eat. The same applies if the animal is alive but there is insufficient time to slaughter it. However, if there is sufficient time to slaughter it and it is possible that it may live for some time, then the part that does not have the head and neck is unlawful to eat. As for the part that has the head and neck, it is lawful to eat if the animal is slaughtered according to the instructions mentioned earlier; otherwise, that part is also unlawful to eat.