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Ruling 2582

If a person finds some lost property, other than an animal, and the property does not possess any identifying features by which the owner can be known – irrespective of whether or not its value is less than one dirham (12.6 nukhud1 of minted silver) – he can take the property for himself. However, the recommended precaution (al‐iḥtiyāṭ al‐mustaḥabb) is that he should give it to the poor (fuqarāʾ) as alms (ṣadaqah) on behalf of the owner. This is also the case with money that does not bear any signs [as to whom it belongs]. However, if the amount and the particulars of the time and place [where it was found] give an indication, then the person must announce it, as will be explained in the next ruling (masʾalah).

1 A nukhud is a measure of weight equal to 0.192 grams. Therefore, 12.6 nukhuds is equivalent to 2.4192 grams.