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Ruling 2562

If a man gives his wife a revocable divorce, she is still considered his legal wife until her ʿiddah comes to an end. Therefore, she must not prevent her husband from deriving any sexual pleasure that is his right. Also, it is permitted (jāʾiz) – rather, it is recommended (mustaḥabb) – for her to make herself look attractive to him, and it is not permitted for her to leave the house without his permission. As for the husband, it is obligatory for him to pay for her maintenance (nafaqah) if she is not recalcitrant (nāshizah),4 and her shroud (kafan) and fiṭrah alms tax (zakāt al‐fiṭrah) are also his responsibility. In the event of death of one of them, the other inherits from the deceased. Furthermore, the man cannot marry the woman’s sister while the former is observing ʿiddah.

4 A recalcitrant wife is one who does not perform her obligatory marital duties, which are explained in Ruling 2430.