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Ruling 2514

Being maḥram by means of breastfeeding is established in two ways:

1. by the report of someone, or some people, from whom one attains certainty (yaqīn) or confidence (iṭmiʾnān);

2. the testimony of two dutiful (ʿādil) men; however, they must describe the circumstances in which the child was breastfed. For example, they must say, ‘We have seen such and such child breastfeeding from the breasts of so-and-so woman for twenty-four hours and the child did not eat anything during that period.’ Similarly, they must also explain the other conditions that were mentioned in Ruling 2492. As for establishing that a child was breastfed by the testimony of one man and two women, or four women, all of whom are dutiful, this is problematic; therefore, precaution must be exercised here.