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Ruling 2286

If the agent or the principal dies, the agency becomes void. If the item over which the person was appointed to have disposal perishes – for example, the sheep that the person was appointed to sell dies – the agency becomes void. Similarly, if one of them becomes permanently insane or loses consciousness, the agency becomes void. However, if one of them intermittently becomes insane or loses consciousness, then to say the agency becomes void while he is insane or unconscious, let alone when he is in neither of these states, is problematic (maḥall al‑ishkāl) [i.e. based on obligatory precaution (al‑iḥtiyāṭ al‑wājib), the agency does not become void].4

4 As mentioned in Ruling 6, the term ‘problematic’ (maḥall al‐ishkāl) amounts to saying  the ruling is based on obligatory precaution.