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Ruling 2185

If the guardian (walī) or custodian of a child gives the child’s property on rent or hires the child [as a worker] to another person, there is no problem. If the hire agreement includes a period wherein the child is bāligh, the child can annul the remaining period of the hire agreement once he becomes bāligh, even though had the hire agreement not included a period wherein the child was bāligh, it would not have been in the child’s interest. However, if annulling the remaining period is contrary to interests that are required by Islamic law to be protected – i.e. interests which we know the Holy Legislator [Allah] would not be pleased with were they to be disregarded – then, if the hiring was done with the permission of a fully qualified jurist (al-ḥākim al-sharʿī), the child cannot annul the contract once he reaches the age of legal responsibility (bulūgh).