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Ruling 2104

The transaction of something that has been given as a charitable endowment (waqf ) is invalid. However, if the thing is damaged to the extent that it can no longer be used for the purpose for which it was endowed, or it is close to reaching this stage – for example, the ḥaṣīr10 of a mosque is so torn that one cannot perform prayers on it – then there is no problem if the trustee (mutawallī) or someone who is ruled to be in his position sells it. But wherever possible, the money acquired should – based on recommended precaution – be used in the same mosque in a manner that is most congruous with the aims of the endower (wāqif ).

10 A ḥaṣīr is a mat that is made by plaiting or weaving straw, reed, or similar materials of plant origin.