The World Federation One Stop Fiqh

Ruling 2013

If someone possesses only one ṣāʿ of wheat and suchlike, it is recommended that he gives zakāt al‑fiṭrah. In the event that he has dependents and he wants to give their fiṭrah as well, he can give that one ṣāʿ to one of them with the intention of giving fiṭrah, and the recipient can in turn give it to another dependent with the same intention, and so on until it reaches the last person; and it is better that the last recipient gives the item to someone who is not a member of their family. If one of them is a minor (ṣaghīr) or insane, his guardian can take it on his behalf; and the recommended precaution is that the guardian should not take it with the intention of taking it for the minor or insane person but rather for himself.