The World Federation One Stop Fiqh

Ruling 1971

A person must give zakat with the intention of qurbah, i.e. in humility to the Lord of the worlds. If he gives zakat without the intention of qurbah, it is sufficient [in the sense that he will be deemed as having given the zakat that was obligatory on him], although he will have committed a sin. Furthermore, he must specify in his intention whether what he is giving is zakat on property or zakāt al‑fiṭrah.10 In fact, if, for example, zakat on wheat and barley is obligatory on him and he wants to pay a sum of money equal to the value of the zakat on them, he must specify whether he is paying zakat that is due on the wheat or on the barley.

10 The rules concerning zakāt al‐fiṭrah are mentioned in Ruling 2003 and onwards.