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Ruling 1889

Dates are of three kinds:

  1. dates that are dried; the rule (ḥukm) of zakat for this type was mentioned earlier;
  2. dates that are in the process of becoming edible ruṭab [soft, moist dates];
  3. dates that are eaten when they are unripe (khalāl).

With regard to the second kind, in the event that their weight when dry reaches the niṣāb, the recommended precaution (al‐iḥtiyāṭ al‐mustaḥabb) is that one should give zakat on them. As for the third kind, what is apparent (ẓāhir)2 is that zakat is not obligatory on them.

2 For practical purposes in jurisprudential rulings, expressing an ‘apparent’ ruling equates to giving a fatwa.