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Ruling 1747

Leaving the place of iʿtikāf in order to perform recommended ghusls – such as the Friday ghusl or the ghusl for performing the rituals (aʿmāl) of Umm Dāwūd10 – and similarly, leaving in order to perform a recommended wuḍūʾ, is problematic [i.e. based on obligatory precaution, one must not leave in order to perform them]. Generally speaking, leaving a mosque for ‘supererogatory matters’ (i.e. those that are religiously preferred to be done rather than not done) – excluding matters that are commonly considered to be necessary – is problematic, and precaution must be observed [i.e. based on obligatory precaution, one must not leave the mosque for ‘supererogatory matters’]. However, a muʿtakif can leave the place of iʿtikāf for the purposes of attending a funeral procession (tashyīʿ al‐janāzah), preparing a corpse for ghusl, prayers, burial (dafn), and suchlike; [he can also leave for] visiting the sick and attending the Friday prayer (ṣalāt al‐jumuʿah).

10 The rituals of Umm Dāwūd are a recommended set of acts of worship that are usually performed in the middle of the month of Rajab. See, for example, Shaykh ʿAbbās al-Qummī’s Mafātīḥ al‐Jinān, in the section on the recommended acts for Rajab.