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Ruling 1655

If someone who must feed sixty poor people as the kaffārah for one day has access to all sixty people, he cannot reduce the number of poor people to feed even if he gives the same amount of kaffārah. For example, he cannot give two mudds to thirty people and suffice with that. He can, however, give a poor person (faqīr) one mudd of food for each of the poor person’s family members even if they are minors (ṣaghīr) and the poor person accepts this by way of agency ( wikālah ) for his family, or by way of guardianship (wilāyah) if they are minors. And if he cannot find sixty poor people but, for example, he finds thirty people, he can give two mudds of food to each of them. However, based on obligatory precaution, whenever he can, he must give one mudd of food to another thirty poor people.