The World Federation One Stop Fiqh

Ruling 1627

Some things are disapproved for a fasting person to do, including:

  1. putting medication in the eyes and applying collyrium in a way that the taste or smell of it reaches the throat;

  2. doing anything that causes weakness, such as giving blood or taking a shower;

  3. putting medication in the nose, if one does not know that it will reach the throat; and if one knows that it will reach the throat, it is not permitted;

  4. smelling aromatic plants;

  5. for women, to sit in water;

  6. using a suppository;

  7. making the clothes that are on the body wet;

  8. having teeth extracted or doing anything that causes blood to come out of the mouth;

  9. brushing the teeth with a wet piece of wood;

  10. putting water or any other fluid in the mouth without due cause;

  11. immersing the entire head in water.

It is also disapproved for someone to kiss his wife or to do something that arouses him without intending to ejaculate.