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Ruling 1589

If in the month of Ramadan a junub6 intentionally does not perform ghusl until the time of ṣubḥ prayers – or, if his duty is to perform dry ablution (tayammum) and he does not perform it – he must complete the fast of that day with the intention of mā fī al‐dhimmah, and he must also fast another day [after the month of Ramadan]. With regard to the fast on this additional day, as it is not known whether it is a fast of qaḍāʾ or punishment, he must keep it with the intention of mā fī al‐dhimmah, not with the intention of qaḍāʾ.

6 Junub is the term used to refer to a person who is in the state of ritual impurity (janābah). Janābah is explained in Ruling 344.