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Ruling 1411

If a person arrives when the imam is saying tashahhud at the end of the congregational prayer, in the event that he wants to earn the reward of congregational prayers, he must make the intention, say takbīrat al‐iḥrām, and sit down; and he can say tashahhud with the imam with a general intention of attaining proximity to Allah [i.e. with the intention of attaining proximity to Allah without specifying any particulars about the tashahhud, such as it being a tashahhud of the prayer]. However, based on obligatory precaution, he must not say the salām. He must then wait until the imam has said the salām, stand up, and without saying takbīr or making the intention again, he must recite Sūrat al-Ḥamd and the other surah and count that rakʿah as his first.