The World Federation One Stop Fiqh

Ruling 1323

With regard to a traveller who wants to stay somewhere for ten days, if from the outset he intends during the ten days to travel to a surrounding place – which is commonly regarded as being a different place – and if the distance to it is less than four farsakhs, then, if the period of his outward and return journeys is such that it does not conflict with him staying for ten days, he must perform tamām prayers. However, if it does conflict, he must perform qaṣr prayers. For example, if he intends from the outset to travel for one complete day or one complete night, this conflicts with his staying and he must perform qaṣr prayers. However, in the event that his intention is, for example, to travel for half a day and return, even if the return is after sunset, then he must perform his prayers in tamām form unless this type of travelling happens so often that he is commonly regarded as residing in two or more places.