The World Federation One Stop Fiqh

Ruling 1295

In order for someone to be called a ‘driver’ and suchlike, it is a requirement that he intends to continue driving and his resting time must not be longer than usual for drivers. Therefore, if someone, for example, travels one day a week he cannot be called a driver. Furthermore, someone can be called a ‘frequent traveller’ if he travels a minimum of ten times a month and travels on ten days a month, or spends ten days a month travelling, albeit on two or three separate journeys, on condition that he intends to continue doing this for six months in one year or three months every year for two or more years. In such a case, his prayers on all his journeys, even on his non-repetitive ones, must be performed in tamām form; and in the first two weeks he must, as an obligatory precaution, perform both qaṣr and tamām prayers. If the numbers or days of his journey in a month comes to eight or nine, then based on obligatory precaution he must perform both qaṣr and tamām prayers on all the journeys. And if the number of days is less than this, he must perform his prayers in qaṣr form.