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Ruling 1031

In every rakʿah of the obligatory and recommended prayers, one must perform two sajdahs after rukūʿ. A sajdah is performed when one places his forehead on the ground in a particular manner with the intention of humility [before Allah]. While performing a sajdah in prayers, it is obligatory that the palms of both hands, both knees, and both big toes be placed on the ground. Based on obligatory precaution, [for the purposes of sajdah] the ‘forehead’ refers to its middle area, i.e. the rectangular area when two imaginary lines are drawn between the place where the eyebrows begin35 in the middle of the forehead up to the point where the hair grows.

35 This refers to the ends of the eyebrows that are nearest to the nose, not the ends that are nearest to the temples (Tawḍīḥ al‐Masāʾil‐i Jāmiʿ, vol. 1, p. 361, Ruling 1235).